5 Sustainable Wardrobe Tips That You Can Start Using Today

5 Sustainable Wardrobe Tips That You Can Start Using Today

By: Heather Bien

In pursuing a more sustainable life and making eco-friendly choices, we’re looking at how sustainability applies across the board. And, we know that it doesn’t have to be as black and white as fully immersing yourself in sustainable resolutions –– you can make small changes today that move the ball and keep your environmental impact in mind. 

Ready to get started? Here are 5 tips you can use today to begin building a more sustainable wardrobe. 

1. Pay Attention to Fabric Content:

Do you know what’s in your clothing? And, even if it’s made of natural fibers, do you know how those materials were harvested? At Boody, we’re committed to producing clothing made of a super soft bamboo viscose that is sustainable, ethical, and high-quality. Each bamboo stalk used in our fabric is 100% naturally grown and free of pesticides.

    Boody Bamboo T-Shirt

    2. Wash Less and Air Dry:

    No, we’re not saying you have to hang out in stained clothing, but you might be surprised to realize you don’t have to wash every item of clothing each time you wear it. If you’re not sweating in it or spilling on it, then you can probably get a few wears out of most items. Feel like it needs a refresh, but not a full wash? Mix up a homemade fabric refresher spray with white vinegar, water, and your essential oil of choice (I’m a fan of using lavender and eucalyptus!) and spray away.

    When you do need to wash your clothing, opt for the most eco-friendly option: wash on cold using the shortest cycle possible. Skip the dryer when you can and go old school by line-drying your items. But, remember, it’s all about doing what you can –– we totally get that some items, like towels and sheets, are just easier and fluffier after a spin through the dryer!

    3. Consider Moving Towards a Capsule Wardrobe:

    You don’t have to move to a wardrobe of only 20 items overnight, but you can take steps that move your closet towards a minimalist capsule wardrobe. Every time you buy a new piece, consider how that item will be used in your wardrobe and whether it can multi-task. 

    A sleek black scoop-neck top is an all-season piece that can be dressed up with a chic structured pair of pants or dressed down with a free-flowing maxi skirt. Simple black leggings can be worn with an over-sized blazer and booties for a big meeting or a classic bateau-neck top and flats for a weekend brunch. The more you can wear each item, the fewer pieces you’ll buy, the less impact you’ll have on the environment. 

    Boody Eco Wear Sustainable Wardrobe

    4. Think About What You Own Before You Buy:

    One of the keys of sustainability is reducing the excess brought about by lower clothing prices and fast fashion –– but that doesn’t mean affordability and sustainability can’t go hand-in-hand. Focus on buying quality pieces and keeping in mind what you already have in your closet. 
    If you already have a black top, you may not need another. When you think about what you already own each time you have the desire to buy something new and ask yourself, “Do I really need this or do I have something that serves the same function?”, you may find that you’ll spend less over time.

    5. Pull Out the Old Sewing Kit:

    When you’re wearing the same pieces more often, wear and tear can happen –– but that doesn’t mean you have to send that item into the throw-away pile! A good old-fashioned sewing kit can save your favorite top that’s started to wear a hole in the armpit or a skirt that is unrolling a bit at the hem. 
    Repairs can be made that can delay adding an item to the local landfill. And, if it’s truly beyond repair, consider using an old t-shirt as a cleaning rag or exploring options to donate used denim to be recycled! There are plenty of ways to reuse pieces that have seen better days.

    Curious to learn more about sustainability and how Boody is working towards building a sustainable, ethical clothing brand? Read about Boody’s commitment to sustainability and its ethical business practices in regard to harvesting and using bamboo here.

    Boody Eco Wear: sustainable wardrobe tips

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