What to Wear on a Plane to Help you Fly Comfortably

What to Wear on a Plane to Help you Fly Comfortably

By Karla Layton

Flying home? Unless you're lucky enough to fly business class, we all know flying is pretty uncomfortable. That said, there are a few things you can do to make your journey a bit more pleasant and it all starts with making the right choices with what you wear.

Long-haul flights (or even short ones!) can easily turn into a nightmare if you haven’t thoughtfully planned out your outfit. Whether it’s traveling from warm to cold or cold to warm, dressing smart will ensure you can cope with changing climates and the in-flight environment.

Not sure where to begin? We’ve got you covered with what to wear on a plane to help you fly comfortably and sustainably this holiday season.

1. Black leggings

When you already have little-to-no leg room on your airline seat, at least give your legs comfort with a pair of simple yet stylish black leggings. These are a traveller’s best friend — they’re comfortable, neutral, buttonless and can deal with spills from in-flight meals.

Choose leggings that have a natural and soft material. Boody bamboo leggings come in full length, ¾ or crop, perfect for staying warm on your air-conditioned flight and during transit time at the airport.

2. A top in natural fiber

Choose a breathable fabric and avoid synthetic fibers or materials that wrinkle easily. A soft t-shirt is ideal for traveling to different locations, especially warmer climates. Natural clothing won’t make you work up a sweat and will help you keep un-glamorous body smell under control.

womens bamboo clothing

3. Thermo-regulating fabrics

When you’re dealing with different temperatures from cold airports and planes to warmer climates — you need clothing that’s adaptable. Thermo-regulating fibers can control the inner temperature of your body by absorbing and releasing heat while letting the air flow.

4. Layers

Wear a cami under a bamboo long sleeve shirt with a pullover or cardigan on top. This makes it easier to take off what you don’t need and manage temperature differences. Plus, it’s way more comfortable to do outfit changes in your seat than having to go to the bathroom!

black organic bamboo crop leggings

5. Breathable socks

The in-flight blankets and pillows might be comfy, but it’s not the same without some warm fuzzies on your feet. Slip a pair of bamboo socks in your handbag so you can fall asleep comfortably and be at ease. This also avoids catching the common in-flight cold!

6. A wide bag

Choosing a bag large enough will ensure you have enough room to fit all your travel essentials, but the last thing you want is to endlessly search through your bag to try and get to something. Organize your bag using smaller pouches for different items including personal documents, headphones, books, money and snacks. This way you can easily take out your in-flight essentials and leave what’s left in the overhead storage space, ensuring you have more room for your feet.

7. Sneakers

Having swollen feet is common when catching the plane and tight shoes can make it very uncomfortable. Wear shoes with laces so you can adjust the pressure on your feet. Avoid crossing your legs and flex and extend your ankles frequently to allow good blood flow.

8. Light makeup

Flying takes a toll on our skin. The combination of dry air in the plane and fatigue aren’t there to help, that’s for sure! We need to attend to it with as much care as possible — beginning with your make-up. Replace your usual foundation with a natural BB cream or tinted moisturizer and only apply a small amount. Carry a small bottle of cleanser in your bag to remove makeup before you sleep.

If you really want to treat yourself, pop on a lightweight face mask and give yourself a little beauty treatment 39,000 feet up in the air!

Some extra points

Bring your moisturizer on board

Your skin receives very little oxygen during a flight, so it’s important to keep it well-hydrated. Pop on a nourishing serum and re-apply depending on the length of your flight, drink plenty of water and hydrate your lips with this vegan-friendly balm.

For once, forget accessories

You don’t need the airport security screening going off, let alone having jewelry snag at your clothes and weigh you down on a flight. Wear your precious pieces such as wedding rings and delicate necklaces, but keep the rest of your accessories in your luggage.

Finally, does flying make you nervous? Massage your temples and the back of your neck with some lavender oil to feel calm and stress-free. It’s also handy to put some on your pillow to help you sleep rather than taking sleeping pills.

Now that you have the right outfit for your flight, you have more time left to choose what movie to watch.

Safe travels!

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