Do You Wear Underwear With Leggings?

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By: Heather Bien

Leggings are incredibly versatile. Whether you’re going to the gym, looking for another layer under your jeans in winter, or simply lounging at home, cozy sustainable leggings are the ideal choice.

While the wonder of leggings is widely agreed upon, opinions diverge on one central question: are you supposed to wear bamboo underwear with leggings?

Our short answer? You should wear your leggings however you want. Whether you want to learn how to measure your hips while shopping for a new pair of undies or go commando, you should consider your chosen activity and legging fabric, along with your goals for the longevity of your garments.

In this short guide, we’ll break down the pros and cons of wearing undies vs. no undies with your seamless leggings.

Should You Wear Underwear With Leggings?

If you choose not to wear underwear underneath your black leggings, we completely understand. There are no judgments here! Sometimes we wonder why underwear was invented anyways!

As you know, underwear can have a few downsides.

  • Uncomfortable undies can confine, pinch, chafe, and rub.
  • The visible panty line is so undesirable it has its own acronym, the “VPL.”
  • If you exercise in your undies, they might need to go in the wash right afterward.
Woman wearing black leggins

With all of this in mind, omitting underwear seems to be the most simple fix. And experts agree—going commando can relieve discomfort.⁴

In fact, avoiding tight pants and underwear can even reduce the risk of the following unwanted conditions:

  • Rashes
  • “Underwear acne,” aka irritation from tight elastic
  • A Yeast infection
  • A Bacterial infection

Whether you’re working from home or wearing spandex leggings as shapewear under your dress, no one will know or care that you’re not wearing underwear, and you’ll experience increased comfort and better personal health.

But this begs the question—is it always okay to wear leggings without underwear?

The Caveat: Sometimes, Undies Can Help

Omitting undies sounds great in theory, but in practice, so much depends upon the specific leggings you’re wearing and where you’re wearing them.

In particular, you may want to think twice before hitting the gym in workout leggings alone.

Why? There are several reasons why leggings alone can sometimes fail you:

  • Fabric matters – Prefer natural textiles? Unfortunately, when dampness collects in cotton leggings, bacterial infections can thrive. Luckily, there are some naturally antibacterial options like sustainable bamboo viscose.
  • Leggings can get sweaty, too – If you’re planning an intense workout, the problems that arise with sweaty underwear can occur with workout leggings, too. That’s why some activewear leggings are designed with pantyliners to help address dampness. Be sure to choose a moisture-wicking option and launder your workout bottoms as is needed.
  • You may need to wash your leggings more often – If you’re trying to reduce your carbon footprint and use fewer resources, you might not wash your leggings with every wear. After all, they may look and smell perfectly fresh if you’ve just been chilling at home! However, underwear should be washed with every use, and the same goes for leggings that are being used as a double-duty undie/legging combo.

Of course, if you’d prefer to wear underwear while you’re working out, you’re not alone!

Shop bamboo viscose underwear!

Leggings + Underwear: A Match Made in Heaven

While it may feel comfortable to lounge around in your leggings at home, many people prefer an extra layer of protection when they’re out in the world. Plus, there are some other benefits to wearing underwear with your leggings, whether you’re opting for a bamboo g-string, bikini, or boxer brief style.

These include:

  • Comfort while working out – Tight, sweaty underwear can lead to irritation and infection. The same goes for tight, sweaty leggings! Adding an extra layer of moisture-wicking fabric can help keep you comfortable and cool while you meet your fitness goals.
  • A reduced need for laundry – While you’ll still need to wash your underwear after every use, you may be able to squeeze an extra day of wear out of your leggings. That means fewer trips to the washing machine, less expenditure on detergent, and a lower water bill. We call that a win-win-win. 

And if you do decide to wear underwear with your leggings, that doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable or suffer from the dreaded VPL. 

Instead, make sure your chosen brand fits the following criteria:

  • Made of a naturally moisture-wicking fabric like bamboo viscose
  • Sewn with seamless technology to reduce discomfort
  • Elastic, form-hugging fabric to conform to your unique shape

With the right types of underwear, you’ll get that commando feel with all the added benefits of an extra layer.

Choose Your Adventure With Boody’s Bamboo Viscose Underwear

Selection of womans undies

So, should you wear underwear with leggings? Now that you better understand some of the benefits of wearing and not wearing underwear underneath leggings, it’s up to you to make the best choice for your lifestyle.

When it comes to getting dressed, there’s no right or wrong—it’s all about your comfort!

Whether or not you decide to wear undies with your leggings, Boody offers ultra-comfortable bamboo clothing made from breathable, moisture-wicking bamboo viscose fibers. 

From women’s cropped leggings to long sleeve t-shirts, explore our collection of soft and sustainable styles. Browse bamboo viscose activewear, sustainable athleisure, women's underwear, and loungewear to find the perfect essentials for your day, whether you’re conquering a mountain of emails or a literal mountain.

About the Author: Heather Bien is a copywriter and writer based in Washington, DC. She works with retail, ecommerce, and creative brands on their website copy and digital presence, and her freelance writing has appeared on MyDomaine, Apartment Therapy, The Everygirl, and more. When she's not with laptop and coffee in hand, you'll find her planning her next weekend getaway, working on her budding green thumb, or scouting for her next great vintage find.


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