Men’s Underwear: The Ultimate Guide

Men’s Underwear: The Ultimate Guide

Men’s underwear. It’s the item in every man’s wardrobe that very few people get to see, yet it’s still essential to get right. All those faded, overstretched or even ripped undies you’ve got kicking around in your top drawer… yeah, they’ve gotta go. Undies are a big deal.

But what might seem like a simple task of picking out the right style of underwear can be trickier than you think. Are you a briefs or boxers kinda guy? Maybe you prefer a bit of extra length and opt for long boxers? Do you prefer your undies light or dark and with seams or without?

Fear not, faithful friends. Our Ultimate Guide to Men’s Underwear is here to break down all you need to know to give your top drawer the overhaul it deserves.

boody boxers vs briefs

A brief history of men’s underwear

The earliest record of the closest resemblance to underwear for men was in Ancient Egypt around 7,000 years ago: a loincloth. Not far removed from a nappy, men’s underwear evolved around the 13th century into a style we’re more familiar with today.

Slip-on loose undershorts that finished at the calf became the number-one choice for gentlemen everywhere. Soon came the Renaissance period which saw men’s undies becoming a bit tighter and shorter (it was knee length now!). The following centuries saw little change, until the 1930s when briefs first appeared.

For the remainder of the 20th century, the debate was always centered around boxers vs. briefs. This led to the birth of the boxer brief, surely a way to end the debate for good. Yeah, that didn’t quite work.

The late 1980s and early 90s saw the rise of brand names being proudly displayed on the waistband of men’s undies everywhere. The idea of becoming loyal to a label and swapping out all the other pairs in your drawer became a thing, which brings us to today. The battle of whether you prefer briefs or boxers rages on, but the importance of quality, comfort, and sustainability are more vital than ever.

mens bamboo underwear

Picking the right style of underwear for you

Among all the decisions a man has to make in his life, picking the best men's underwear for you is up there with the toughest.

What worked for you as a teenager won’t necessarily work for you as an adult. What you think suits you best, might not actually work for you practically. This is because you have to consider body shape, the best support, and the best fit. Here are men's underwear types decoded.

comparison boody boxers


We’ll keep this brief – briefs are a staple in many men’s undies drawers. Traditionally designed with a Y-shaped fly in front, briefs provide great support and are less prone to bunching or rising than other styles of men’s underwear. Ideal for guys with larger thighs or for men working at a desk all day, briefs might not be to everyone’s taste – but they’re definitely a firm favorite.


Traditional men's boxer shorts are loose and offer little support. They tend to feature an elastic waistband and a button fly and provide maximum comfort, breathability, and coverage. More contemporary boxer brief styles combine what guys love about briefs and boxer shorts, being cut like a tapered boxer with the snug and supportive fit of briefs.

Long Boxers

Do you prefer your undies to have a bit of extra length? If so, long boxers are the way to go for you. The longer length offers great protection from irritation and chafing and also makes them an excellent choice for guys with skinnier legs. Perfect for wearing underneath slim-fit pants, compression boxer underwear is also ideal to wear when you’re planning to work out.

Why bamboo viscose is the best fabric for male underwear

Once you’ve chosen the right underwear style, you’ll want to pick the perfect fabric. In our humble opinion, bamboo viscose is by far the superior material for your undies. Ultra-soft, comfy and breathable, men's bamboo viscose underwear is an absolute dream to wear. And that’s just the start of it.

boody men's underwear

It’s comfy

One of the key benefits to bamboo viscose fabric in men’s underwear is the fact that it’s so darn comfortable. Light, luxuriously-soft and gentle on the skin, bamboo viscose provides comfort like no other fabric. It’s also thermoregulating, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer, and anti-static. Let’s face it, no one likes clinginess. 

It’s healthy

Another huge advantage of bamboo viscose underwear is the fact that it’s odor resistant. Great for those days when you’re on the road or working out. Plus, the breathability and moisture-wicking characteristics of bamboo viscose underwear aren’t so bad either.

It’s eco-friendly

Last but not least, bamboo viscose is a sustainable choice. Although comfort and health might be what initially spring to mind when picking out your undies, it’s an added bonus knowing they’re kind to the environment, too. Boody’s original bamboo is grown organically without pesticides, fertilizers and artificial irrigation. Find out more about the benefits of bamboo.

It’s in the details

Once you’ve locked down your ideal style and fabric for your undies, next you’ll want to consider the finishing touches. What colors do you prefer? Do you want a waistband or not? Are you someone who likes variety who prefers to go with what you know? 

As the saying goes, it’s all in the details.

boody timeless men's underwear

Consider color

Ok, not that many people get to see your undies (hopefully!), but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still consider color. Sure, you can opt for bright hues and prints that go in and out of vogue, but here at Boody, we’re huge supporters of the slow fashion movement. Think neutral, timeless shades.

Our range of men’s bamboo underwear comes in a curated selection of neutral hues such as Light Grey Marl, Ash, Grey, Black, and White. All of these shades suit any complexion and avoid trends and fads – they’re staples in every man’s top drawer.

With seams or without?

As mentioned in our brief history of men’s underwear, elastic waistbands became a prominent feature in the 20th century. Led by big-name brands who encourage wearers to want to show off their logo, waistbands are also a comfy and stylish feature of men’s undies.

That said, not every style needs to feature seams in their waistband. Our Original Underwear was designed with a seamfree waistband, in case some guys find them irritating or just want to keep it simple. Below we break down the key differences between our Original Underwear and more recent Underwear.

boody boxer comparison

Our Original Underwear 

Our Original Underwear is the range of men’s undies our customers fell in love with. Sleek and minimal, these bamboo viscose underwear styles are seamfree making them an ultra-comfy choice. Our original undies also feature contour ribbing for support. Whether you opt for our Original Briefs, Original Boxers or Long Boxers, comfort comes first when it comes to our classic, seam free undies.

Our New Underwear

Drawing inspiration from designer labels but with our perfect fit and fabric added into the mix, our new Men’s Underwear is different from our original range because the styles are more supportive and feature seams for an even snugger fit. 

Our new bamboo boxers, briefs, and long boxers feature a traditional cut-and-sew design, a hand-sewn elastic waistband and a double-layer pouch for comfort and support your package can count on. Complete the look with a classic men’s bamboo shirt and comfortable socks.

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