The Design Inspiration Behind Boody Lounge

The Design Inspiration Behind Boody Lounge

By Chris Gill

Get ready to show your softer side with Boody Lounge. Our exciting new women’s loungewear and sleepwear ranges are brimming with soft, simple and sustainable pieces that are a dream to wear.  

When delving through the range, you’ll discover a gorgeous range of downtime staples made from our signature viscose derived from fabric. From daywear perfect to relax in, to nightwear that slips on like a dream, this is a capsule collection of downtime wear that you won’t ever want to take off.

But how did Boody Lounge come to be in the first place? To give you some extra insight into the range, we caught up with our Lead Product Designer, Karen Azizi, who was keen to share the inspiration behind Boody Lounge.

Boody Bamboo Clothes

Hey Karen. What was the original thought process behind designing a lounge and sleepwear range for Boody?  

The Boody Lounge range came about after so many customers fell in love with the soft hand-feel of our fabric and we had an overwhelming request for bamboo pajamas and casual outerwear. It was a natural evolution for Boody to create this range.

Where did you start in terms of sourcing inspiration?

Boody Bamboo Pajamas

It was important for us to stay true to what makes Boody an everyday lifestyle brand loved by many. Inspiration is all around us but I really wanted to stick to the fundamentals our customers loved: a timeless, universal design, a classic color palette you won’t get tired of and flattering, original shapes.

The design was largely influenced by our customers’ feedback. Our community of conscious comfort-lovers are extremely engaged and always love to contribute ideas! The range fills a gap in the market: it’s soft, simple and sustainable – defying age and trends while remaining accessible.

What inspired the color palette for the range?  

Spring flowers and those soft, early morning sky colors. Boody traditionally uses basic essential colors so the challenge was to create colors that were timeless yet fashionable.

What inspired the cuts and shapes of the collection? 

Timeless bamboo clothes

When creating products for Boody I always try and use elements of simplicity and timelessness. Here at Boody, we want our customers to buy pieces they will hold onto forever as they never go out of fashion. This is not only much better for the environment, but it takes the stress out of deciding what to wear in the morning, too!

Tell us a bit about the range itself. What are the hero items? 

The range consists of a curated selection of essentials in tops and bottoms that can be mixed and matched. They can be worn to bed or just lounging around at home. Or, if you need to pop down the road for a coffee or to the supermarket, you can!

Any personal favorites? 

Bamboo lounge pants

I do love the Downtime Pants and Lounge Tee. I can see myself living in these pieces on the weekend! They’re just so soft and comfortable.

What are the advantages of using bamboo viscose fabric in loungewear? 

Boody Bamboo Pajamas

Bamboo viscose fabric has so many positive attributes. It is so soft and breathable, you will really never want to wear anything else! It also has thermo-regulating properties and is moisture-wicking which is perfect for any night. The jersey fabric makes it the perfect fabric for sleeping and relaxing in.

Could you tell us which pieces these are and what else they could be styled with from our Boody Basic range?

Boody Bamboo Pajamas

For relaxing at nighttime I would recommend the Goodnight Nightdress and if you are feeling the chill you can throw on our cosy knit wrap which is our first true knit bamboo viscose item. Also, the Goodnight Sleep Pants and any of our tops are perfect for relaxing in the evening. On a warm summer evening, our Goodnight Sleep Shorts and Goodnight Sleep Cami will be so comfy and cool to wear. 

If you want to mix and match from our basic range, the basic t-shirt and tank with the Downtime Lounge Pants would be a perfect match. To complete the Boody look I would recommend our Classic Bikini and Shaper Crop Bra so you can feel the Boody comfort in every layer of your outfit!

Is there anything else exciting in the pipeline our readers should know about? Some new product launches or future ranges? 

Boody Bamboo clothes

Our philosophy here at Boody is to create essentials that can stay in your wardrobe for years to come! Stay tuned though as our active range will be expanding its playground in the near future...

The Design Inspiration Behind Boody Lounge

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