Upgrade Your Undies: The Best Underwear for Every Outfit

Upgrade Your Undies:  The Best Underwear for Every Outfit

By Heather Bien

Not all underwear is created equal––there’s a right pair of underwear to choose for every outfit. The undies you’ll slip on with your yoga pants are probably not the same ones you’re wearing with that slinky little number on Saturday date night.

So, when you’re building your underwear wardrobe, think about the clothing items you have and consider which undies will work best for which outfits. Trust us, feeling like you are outfitted head-to-toe with the right underwear for every occasion will make you feel like you’ve taken an extra step in looking and feeling pulled together.

Boody boyleg brief boyshort in nude shade

The Best Underwear for Every Outfit

Low-rise Jeans and Shorts: Get a little cheeky with a Hipster Bikini whenever you pull on your lower rise jeans. This hipster is just as easy-to-wear as fuller coverage styles, but it won’t peek out of your more daring outfits.

Snug-Fitting Pants and Thin, Drapey Fabrics: When you want to avoid visible panty-lines, the bamboo G-String is the way to go. Throw out any preconceived notions about this style being awkward or uncomfortable because this G-String is super-soft and won’t budge even under figure-skimming outfits.

Bamboo g-string from Boody in Nude, White, and Black

A-line Skirt or Dress: For your most feminine pieces, go with a retro-inspired Full Coverage Brief. There’s something subtly sexy about a high-waisted style, plus, these are downright comfy.

Your Shortest Skirts and Dresses: Remember when we used to hit the jungle gym armed with bike shorts under our skirts? Boy shorts are the grown-up version of that look––and they’re super practical! Check out the Boy Leg Brief for a sleek version of the boy short that never bunches or creeps up.

Shop bamboo viscose underwear!

Everyday Wear: Of course, your closet needs an everyday workhorse (or two!) and that’s when we reach for the Classic Bikini or the Midi Brief. Seam-free with moderate coverage, these are the form-fitting, but uber-comfy undies that you’ll wear again and again. Pair with a matching bamboo bra for added style and comfort!

Not my nude, bamboo underwear in a range of nude shades

Upgrade Your Undies with Bamboo

Okay, if you’re reading this, you may know that we make our products with bamboo, but why should you switch your underwear drawer over to bamboo? Well, viscose derived from bamboo undies are an affordable and oh-so-soft luxury that keeps you cool, comfortable, and seam-free––and all of the styles above are available in bamboo viscose. So, while upgrading your bamboo underwear styles, you’ll also upgrade your everyday comfort level––it’s a win-win!

Upgrade Your Undies:  the Best Underwear for Every Outfit

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