What To Do With Old Bras

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Ever wonder what you can do with old underwear, and more specifically bras? Experts recommend that you replace your old and unwearable bras every six months or after 180 wears.1Ultimately, you want a new bra that is well-made and utilizes long-lasting materials like bamboo viscose. You’ll extend the life cycle of your bra and reduce your carbon footprint. You might be surprised at how easy it is to incorporate sustainable fashion practices into your wardrobe. Get started by understanding what bamboo viscose is and how it is an eco-friendly alternative to other traditional materials.

Now, before you go racing to your favorite store or website to replace your faded, old underwear with new bra types, take a moment to think about where your unwearable bras will end up.

Did you know you can recycle old and gently worn bras? 

Recycling your bras, really?

Absolutely! According to Resource Recycling Systems2, 84% of textile waste is sent to landfills at a cost of $3.7 billion. 

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To break this cycle of waste, consider recycling your older bras.

Depending on the condition of your unwanted bra, you may be able to recycle, resell, or repurpose the garment.3 A barely worn bra—whether it no longer fits or is not your style—can be donated to someone in need, while your much-used underpinnings can be sent to a recycling center to be recycled or repurposed. 

How to recycle bras 

So you’ve decided it’s time to let go of your college era undergarments. 

Again, you’ll want to assess the condition of your bra before deciding which recycling route you want to take. A threadbare garment should probably never be worn again, while a bra in decent or even good condition could have a second life.

When you’re ready to recycle your bra, consider the following options:

  • Donate your unwanted bra. Donating your gently worn bras is good for your closet, the environment, and for women in less fortunate situations. Numerous organizations accept bra donations, such as a charity shop, bra bank, or homeless shelter thrift store that will accept gently used items, which we'll detail below. There is also a textile recycler specifically for bras called The Bra Recyclers (we’ll talk about them more later on!).
  • Take your bra to a textile recycling center. Use the website Recycle Now3 to find clothing recycling locations near you. 
  • Send your bra to an eco-conscious brand.4 Companies like Knickey, Patagonia WornWear, Brass Clothing, and more will take care of recycling your bra donation for you.
  • Crafty? Repurpose your gently used bra at home. 5If you’re big into DIY projects, you may want to try and repurpose your used bra at home. The padding of an old bra can be used as shoe inserts for too-big shoes, for example, or you may be able to turn your gently used bra into a new, funky purse.
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Why you should recycle bras 

Recycled bras can help those in need more than you know. If your bra has been worn but is still in good condition, you can donate it to organizations like Against Breast Cancer and Free the Girls. 

Against Breast Cancer has bra banks that raise funds for cancer research. The bras that the organization receives also go to help support small businesses in Africa, giving bras a new “lease on life” before they hit recycling plants. For every ton of bras that Against Breast Cancer receives, the UK-based organization receives almost $850 U.S. dollars for cancer research. 

Free the Girls is an organization that helps girls rescued from sex trafficking to "live a life of freedom." Here’s how their bra recycling works: The bras you donate to Free the Girls are used by survivors in Central America and Africa to start their own business selling secondhand clothes. There are bra dropoff locations at stores around the country, and you can even learn how to host your own bra drive with family and friends. Wouldn't it be nice to know your donated bras are put to good use?

You can also donate your bras to companies like The Bra Recyclers8, which will take these used bras and funnel them to over 100 nonprofits worldwide. All in all, bra recycling doesn’t take much effort on your part, but can make a world of difference for someone else.

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When to replace your bra 

Maybe you go bra-less more often than not, or maybe you’ve never been fitted by an expert to determine exactly what your cup size is, so you end up cycling through dozens of bras without finding the perfect fit.  

Don’t worry—you're not alone. 

Finding the perfect bra is not an exact science, and it’s normal for our bodies to change over time, making your once beloved bra a now discarded piece. 

Consider the following questions if you’re wondering if it’s high time you replaced your brassiere:1 

  • Is the back stretched out? 
  • Are the cups gaping?
  • Are you spilling out over your cups?
  • Are the straps loose?
  • Is the underwire painful?
  • Is the color faded beyond recognition?

If you answered “yes” to any of these, it may be time to think about recycling your bra. 

Invest in the best—Boody Eco Wear 

Here at Boody Eco Wear, we make it our mission to create affordable, comfortable, timeless essentials that you can wear over and over again. 

Boody Eco Wear’s sustainable bras are crafted from bamboo viscose. These bras are not only soft and ideal for sensitive skin, but also environmentally friendly—bamboo farms are regenerative, use very little water, and can be successful in almost any climate. 

After you recycle or repurpose your old bra that no longer serves you, head to Boody Eco Wear to find the womens bamboo clothing garments you’ll never want to let go of.  

About the Author:

Daisy Hemmen is a San Diego State University Fowler College of Business alumni. Based in Encinitas, California, Daisy is a part of the marketing team at Boody North America. She is passionate about learning the ins and outs of living a happy and healthy lifestyle that benefits both people and the planet, and enjoys sharing her bountiful findings with the community.


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