DIY Self Care Day - Win the day with the best you

Erin Orbach June 04, 2019
DIY Self Care Day - Win the day with the best you

By:  Sara Weinreb

There is so much talk about self-care these days— we are chronically stressed and overworked, and it’s important to find the time to replenish ourselves emotionally, mentally and physically. But doing so doesn’t have to be an expensive or fancy ordeal! There are many things you can do to integrate self-care into your life at little to no cost. Here are some of our favorite ideas for a low cost, highly nourishing DIY self care day, that you can also incorporate into your every day.

Wake up and go for a walk.

One of the best things you can do for your health and energy is getting at least 10-15 minutes of natural sunlight (even if it’s cloudy!) within an hour of waking up. Start your self care day by throwing on your shoes and walking out your front door. Whether it’s a 10 minute walk or an hour, the sunlight will boost your Vitamin D for the day and help you regulate your system so you sleep better that night. If possible, leave your phone at home. Hint: you should do this every day if possible, not just self-care days!

Get dressed in something comfortable.

Today is all about you, so wear the clothes that make you feel the best and most cozy! You might most enjoy wearing something of natural fibers. If you don’t have the right thing in your closet yet, our scoop top is perfect for staying comfortable at home.

Drink a warm, soothing beverage.

Whether it’s a calming herbal tea blend (like chamomile, skullcap, and passionflower) or an adaptogenic elixir (like Rasa or mixes from Wooden Spoon Herbs), start your self-care day with something low in caffeine and soothing to your nervous system. Of course if you need your coffee fix or that feels relaxing to you, go for it! You can always integrate a calming tea or elixir later in the day, or multiple through out the day.

Move your body.

Whether you’re craving a high intensity class, a yoga class, or even a restorative yoga class, it’s so kind to your body and mind to get moving. Throw on a free YouTube video and you don’t even need to leave your home! Movement is essential to our mental and physical wellbeing, and online classes are often free and simple to integrate into the day.

Organic bamboo fabric for self care

Practice breath work.

It’s pretty amazing that one of our most powerful tools for self-care and relieving stress is completely free and always with us— our breath. Take 5 to 15 minutes (or longer) to meditate or just focus on your breath by breathing in to the count of four, holding for four seconds, then exhaling for four seconds. “Box breathing,” the name for this technique, can support you in being more present in your body and relax your nervous system, effectively getting you out of “fight or flight” mode.


If you already have coconut oil in your pantry, you’re in luck! This multi-purpose oil not only is delightful in the kitchen, but it is very moistening to your skin and hair. Lather up using coconut oil on your face or anywhere on your body that needs some extra moisturizer, and throw some in your hair to help moisturize it as well. If coconut oil isn’t your thing, how about our Natural Feel Good Moisturizer?

Take a bath with epsom salts.

Time for the spa-day element of our self-care day! Draw yourself a nice, hot bath and throw in some epsom salts which are soothing for your muscles and detoxifying. Consider keeping the lights off in your bathroom as you soak and bath by candle light for an even deeper spa-like experience.

Never be to busy to take care of you

Journal your thoughts.

Journaling is a powerful tool that helps you process your thoughts and get out of repetitive thinking. Grab a notebook or piece of scrap paper and do a “brain dump” with a stream of consciousness for three pages. This allows you to release what you are thinking, self-sooth, and often make a plan for what’s next.

Practice gratitude.

A simple, free way to increase your health is to think about or write down the things you are grateful for. Jot down at least ten things that you are presenting thankful for in your life.

Cook a nourishing dinner.

Whip up one of your favorite health meals— plant-based or at least plant heavy. Fill your plate with healthy vegetables that will provide your body with much needed nutrients and minerals, and avoid refined sugars and low-quality oils to keep inflammation at bay.


Boody Eco Wear DIY Self-Care Day


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