If you've ever worn shapewear, you know how truly uncomfortable it can make you feel. 

At Boody, we're on a mission to make your underwear drawer a place of comfort. So we're taking on the challenge of transforming one of the most uncomfortable, synthetic garments in the underwear industry into something comfortable.

Join us in our movement to redefine shapewear. 

Shapewear that supports without contorting

Feeling comfortable and supported in your outfit for a special occasion is essential. Our shapewear ensures you forget about sweaty, synthetic fabrics and suffocating fits.

Shapewear that moves with you

Our 3-piece collection is the antidote to traditional shapewear. Meticulously designed to provide a sleek, comfortable fit under any outfit, offering a seamless blend of support and ease. 

Shapewear that disrupts the industry

Make the uncomfortable comfortable? Challenge accepted.

Fabric focus

Our new three-piece collection, made from our signature bamboo viscose blend, offers supportive, unrestricted comfort with a premium-knit fabric.

It supports, smoothes, and stretches for comfortable wear under any outfit. Featuring wide knitted waistbands, side-contouring, and the perfect blend of strength and softness.

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A note from our team

Shapewear is often associated with discomfort and compromise, forcing choices like standing instead of sitting, or feeling unlike yourself. This new collection challenges this norm, urging shapewear buyers to expect more from their underwear drawer. 

Shapewear can be comfortable, if you choose Boody.

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